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Tom has legal experience you can trust:
  • Former corporate counsel attorney for a large nation-wide trucking company with 1,200+ employees.
  • Former Deputy District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General.
  • Personal injury law firm owner specializing in trucking related injuries in Washington and Oregon.
  • Tom has extensive truck accident personal injury legal experience on both sides of the courtroom.

Vancouver Washington truck injury personal injury attorney & lawyer Tom C. Patton

Thomas C. Patton, JD

  • Admitted to the Washington 

    and the Oregon State Bar.

  • Free and Confidential Initial Legal Consultations.
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  • Lake Oswego/Portland: 503-546-3357
  • Fax: 503-636-8512

"You don't owe me a legal fee
unless I recover money for you."
     - Tom Patton

Affordability you need:
  • Tom offers a free initial legal consultation to see if your case would stand up court. 360-213-0399
  • You pay no attorney fees without a monetary recovery for yourself.
Results you can count on: 
  • Tom will only accept your case if he believes he can win for you in court, not just a with a settlement.
  • Tom Patton has recovered millions of dollars for his clients from insurance companies, trucking companies and corporations. 
Honesty you can depend on:
  • Call Tom personally for a free and confidential initial legal consultation to see if he thinks that your case would stand up in court and how much your case might be worth.

Let Tom answer your legal questions.
  • Call 360-213-0399 or email Tom your confidential questions about your case.
  • Tom offers a free and confidential initial legal consultation to help determine if your case will stand up in a court of law. 


  • Thomas C. Patton, JD

  • Free Initial Legal Consultations.
  • Admitted to Washington State Bar. Vancouver: 360-213-0399
  • Admitted to Oregon State Bar. Lake Oswego/Portland: 503-546-3357

  • 8 N. State St., Ste. 301Lake Oswego, OR 97304